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About us

We are a group of happy and innovative people with great passion to solve our african problems through provision of innovative solutions

Our skill

100 Happiness
100 Innovation
95 Software development
30 Game development

Our beliefs

We believe Innovation and technology are among the few best tools we have that can help solve majority of African problems

We believe no one will help Africa other than us the Africans

Our vision

To positively impact the day to day lives of millions of Africans through provision of innovative solutions

Our values

  • Innovative
  • Happy people
  • Impact driven
  • High Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Lead with love

Our Culture

  • Do all work extraordinarily
  • Always ask how we can improve everything we touch
  • Not afraid to challenge status quo
  • Maximize happines of everyone we work with

What we do

We address African challenges through provision of innovative solutions


  • Entreprenuer's tranformative incubator
    • Co working space
    • Commercialisation
    • Software programming training
  • Innovation consultancy
  • Disruptive digital marketing

  • Some of the exciting projects our members are working on
  • Making Cooking jell [just like LP gas] from ipwa (sweet sorghum) view more
  • Online wild fruit shop Coming soon
  • Remote tobacco curing device (Internet of things) -Prototype development done
  • Aweseome Fintech crowdfunding model - Project in stealth mode
  • Murimi/umlimi - Automated IVR calls providing advise to farmers - Deployed with telecel
  • A social media platform to develop productive and passionate workforce
  • Check our social media pages and get early access to the Next Big Things in Africa!
  • Check our facebook page
  • Check our Twitter handle

Software products

Software products that solves real problems.
We use both old and new technologies to solve the problems. We are major player in old technologies such as SMS, USSD, Interactive voice response. We are also at the forefront on new technologies such as AI,AR,VR,Blockchain,NLP . We have developed a number of working solutions using the above mentioned technologies. We are also an offical WhatsApp Enterprise intergrator.

    Some of the solutions we have developed
  • Zimpapers news on-demand dial *34445# on telecel
  • Facebook Trivia chatbot Play4Ca$h
  • A mobile app to reduce road carnage- Tripbuddy View more
  • We have a Payment gateway
  • Fundo - Students access all past exam questions by dialing a short code - currently Available with telecel. Education content reaching the most remote parts of the country in the most affordable way. Imagine the possibilities of the product as well as of the technology
  • Check our innovatihub for more exciting innovations
Custom software development

We design and develop innovative software products for our clients
We are working with client in the following sectors

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Aviation
  • Telecoms
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting
  • Non-Governmental Organisation

Game studio

We design and develop games

Who we are

Rockstar team

We are strongly bound by our beliefs and values which we religiously adhere to.

Get in touch with us

Digital Innovations Architect
Mr Shingi
Projects Manager
Pst Duncan
Network Engineer
Software developer
Software Engineer


42 samora machel avenue
ICL bulding , first floor
Harare, Zimbabwe